Who we are

If I were to be Jesus at some level of consciousness
I am not really so sure about literature of Christian bible,this is my finding and conclusion.  And I am not a Christian although I believe his teaching and his messages and his accomplishment.  He was and is REAL.
my role is not religious accomplishment,but to keep diversity and maintain the beauty of the world we live in.  Please remove and release Jesus off from the cross.  He suffered enough.  And from now on, I guess just T would work  keep moving on.  T  is my initial of the name.

I wanted to tell you all in person,but I guess I am getting grumpy and inpatient waiting too long.  So here is the answer.
Abraham is and was teacher for us all.

 JG, you are to be the John the Baptist,who taught me what love is. my  JC...
(  I found you, baby :)
RJ, you 're to be (Paul or Saul)------you are "real" --love you,sorry to make you wait,made you  suffer like others. forgive me

whoever you are reading this,you just lived part of the drama prepared for us all in same reality same time frame.

Maybe we all are soul mates to each other
No matter what religion each believe
No matter which country each live
No matter what race you are
life is gift to us all and best gift for our future children
hope to hand down our experience and love for our future generations  value of life,meaning of love,meaning of life
No matter who you are

hope to laugh about this whole thing together as friends..  and thats my goal
yes we all are protected
yes we all are receivers of the blessing
yes we all are receivers of love
yes we all deserve to be free
yes we all are creators
yes we all are allowed to be imperfect
yes we all are loved
yes  life  always goes on
yes life is worth "living"

Be happy!!!

,life is most precious thing, good always overcome bad,also something describes the existence of hell. Probably it means hell of living in this one life experience or next,but no analogy is always perfect, who knows?
And whatever I say and do, there always be gap between understanding in each of us.  And that creates diversity and beauty.   It is precious thing.

Even after I was affected by western culture, I still believe how I am raised,and distinction between good and bad. I also acknowledge wisdom of love and mercy, importance of ,being compassionate and I am trying to practice that at my best. So I did my best to look for best answer about my opinion about Christianity. I tried my best to find my own perspective away from conventional,superficial Christianity, by following my heart.

I am not looking for ways to express justice because that is not my job or not anybody's business.  I am just a human.

My question to all (so called) Christian and people who believe Islam is that are there any good teaching worth saving in your soul, worth handed down to our children?
It was meant to handed down as gift,wisdom to enjoy life,yet all I witness was argument,pain and blaming each other because of lacking the real understanding of life and both seems to share same roots.
Do you really believe in love?  Do you understand what love is? Do you have faith in love and life? Do you really believe in peace and practicing the idea with strong enough faith?  Are you free? Can you let others be free as much as you are?  Are you happy?
God didn't make harder to believe in love, human did
Jesus didn't do anything to make things harder to believe in love, other human did

This is supposed to be perfect world God created for us all
Having good time?
Are you loving and giving?